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글로벌인턴십 미주리대학교_14학번 김민희편 4탄

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[Missouri university 교환학생 생활기]


LEAD 프로그램에 참여하면서 4번의 Job Shadowing의 기회가 있는데요!

수업을 청강하거나 관심 있는 분야의 일터에 나가서 말 그대로 Shadowing을 하는 기회입니다. 

저는 저의 전공에 맞춰 Journailsm class 청강과 지역 라디오 방송국인 KOPN에 가서 Job shadowing을 했습니다!

4번의 수업 청강과, 라디오 스테이션을 방문하고 난 뒤 어제 경험에 대해서 발표하는 시간을 가졌는데요. 경험 담인 발표내용을 PPT와 함께 소개해 드릴게요!

I had opportunities to go workplace and class. I had a class for just listening in the morning, and KOPN after class as job shadowing.

KOPN is a radio station, and the class was journalism News Media.

Both of them were related to mass media and communication which ties in to my major so I was very interested in it.

First, I will talk about my journalism class.

Of course, I couldn't understand English perfectly, but U took a journalism class in Korea so I could understand what the professor was talking about.

I learned Visual Communication, Ideology & Hegemony, and Stereotype in mass media.

First, Visual communication means that when we communicate with someone and when mass media shows something, they use Visuals.

For example, Pictures, Chart, Graphs so on.

Professor said, Visual also save time. she said, "A picture paints a thousand words." Because we often understand more about something when we see a picture instead of sentences.

Therefore, Visual communication is important in mass media.

Second, Ideology, Hegemony and Stereotype.

They all have similar meanings. Hegemony is just theory, which means News or other mass media would be formed by specific organization or capitalist over other.

( content; )

There are many stereotype in mass media. Tarzan and Jane are a good example of gender stereotypes in mass media.

In this movie. the main male protagonist is Tarzan. He is portrayed as independent, assertive, intelligent, athletic, competent, and stronger than everyone else. On the other hand, Jane, the main female protagonist, is emotional, tentative, romantic, affectionate, sensitive, frail, passive, and weaker than Tarzan. Not only than, she is also weaker than all the other male characters, even the supportive ones.

This is an example of stereotyping gender in media.

I also noticed different things between Korean and American Classes. I took a class about the same topic.

In Korea, we normally rely on theory, and we want to study a powerpoint exactly.

On the other hand, Americans seemed more free about theory and they used many examples with their contents being less serious.

After class, I went to KOPN.

KOPN is an non-commercial, volunteer-run community radio station, broadcasting to central Missouri.

In the middle of radio broadcasting, radio stations normally read many advertisements between songs and shows.

I read an advertisement at the KOPN. I had to read it in a short time with exact pronunciation. It was very difficult to me.

I got to be a guest on live radio at KOPN, and I think It was both the hardest and the best experience.

Once, Jay, who was a co-worker, suddenly suggested to me, "How about you join me on live radio, as a Korean guest?" I was really surprised and nervous at that, because I didn't prepare anything beforehand? I broke out on a cold sweat during the radio broadcast, and I couldn't talk naturally. The DJ's speaking was too fast, and I'm not good at speaking English. So I couldn't understand most of what he said.

After the broadcast, I had mixed feelings. I was frustrated about my English, but I was happy to have a really special experience. I'll never forget that day.

I also participated in making the voice for Legal ID. Legal ID is what the station uses right before beginning a radio show or in the middle of broadcasting.

Legal ID is required by law for radio stations to identify themselves on the hour at program breaks.

Finally, I think I was lucky because I had opportunities to get both class and workplace experiences.

During them, I thought about many things and had mixed feelings. I felt that speaking English well is a long way away from me, and I also felt that I should try to find work myself, not waiting for someone else to give me work.

I was also glad to get a chance to attend a journalism class. I hope I can take a journalism class again.

Thank You.



 이곳에 와서 영어로 스크립트를 작성하고 발표를 많이 했지만, 아직도 서툴고 버벅이고 긴장이 되는 것 같아요.

한국어로 5분 이상 발표하는 것도 힘들었던 저에게 영어로 발표를 하는 것은 큰 도전이고 아직도 힘든 일이지만 참 의미 있는 시간을 보내고 있습니다!

글, 자료 : 의홍 14 김민희

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